Personal Mentoring Program

With our experience in Counselling, Personal Development and Spiritual Development, we are able to tailor a Personal Counselling & Mentoring Program specifically to your needs. 

The outline of the Personal Counselling & Mentoring Program is:


A 2 hour one on one Counselling session to help you to delve into what is happening for you.

Step 2. Love and self-care

A pamper package – Massage, Facial, Pedicure, Manicure

Step 3. How are you feeling about things now?

A follow on 2 hour one on one Counselling session to help you to look even further at what is going on for you and helping you to find some answers for yourself.

Step 4.  Relaxation self-care

Mindfulness Meditation and Spa Package

Step 5. Goal Setting

  • Who you are circle

  • Mind Map

    • Personal

      • Physically & Spiritually

    • Business

      • Working for others

      • Working for yourself

    • Socially

      • Relationship

      • Family

      • Friendships

      • Society

Step 6. Step by step to reach your goals

How do you do it?

Step 7. Building your tools

What do you need

Courses to build the tools

Step 8. Self Empowerment task

A task to challenge your boundaries

Step 9. Valuing your success’s

Regrouping & Appreciating what you have achieved.

Step 10.  Where to from here?

Contact us now to tailor a Personal Counselling and Mentoring Program for your needs.per