Over the years of facilitating courses in Personal Development,  Pamela England has developed experience in a wide range of courses and workshops that are being made available to clients of Personal Freedom Counselling.  Covering a range of areas such as Inner Leadership Skills,  Goal Setting,  Communication - Family, Personal and Spiritual,  Self Empowerment, Challenges of Change,  Inner Security in New Situations,  Working with the Family Upbringing, Meditation, Relaxation and Personal Loyalties.

Below are an example of the courses and seminars available over the next few months.   To register for these courses, please place a booking and we will get back to you with the next available date in your area.   Please Note:  If you have a group of 5 or more people, we are able to provide a course/workshop at a venue of your choosing.

Love in Personal Relationships – 8752

5 hour course

This course will help you develop a good personal relationship with yourself and others.  It will help you answer many questions about improving the love in your relationship.   It will help you establish boundaries in a relationship and be consistent in maintaining them.   You will feel the deep inner joy and fulfilment of expressing universal love in your personal relationships.  

Inner Security in New Situations - 8839

5 hour course

Learn to move through life with a more secure vibration by understanding your first impressions and discerning your feelings in new situations.   Look into your past to see how you learned to worry, hesitate or withdraw.  Understand the importance of involvement in life for your personal spiritual growth.  Discover that you already have the security and wisdom you are searching for.   Heal the concepts which limit your security in unfamiliar situations and create a dynamic confidence and respect for yourself.

The Reality of the Family – 8836

5 hour course

Understand the purpose of your physical family and the needs you had that were fulfilled by being part of a family unit.  Get a big picture of your universal family and tune in to that feeling of being one with all things. See how your parents attitudes and disciplinary habits affected you both positively and negatively.  Understand how the experiences in your early cycles has molded your personality and how you can work with yourself to improve any areas that you believe need improving.  

Additional Courses available to coincide with the New Spiritual Horizons Group work

The Real Me: A Spiritual Being – Course 4092

Inner Communication and Guidance – Course 541

Experience My Inner Harmony – Course 3090

Giving: A Crystal Clear Vibration – Course 7093

On Schedule with Your Plans – Course 596

Motivation through Mystical Intuition – Balanced and Out of Balance – Course 3095

Motivation through Mystical Vision – Balanced and Out of Balance – Course 3096                        

Motivation through Mystical Prophecy – Balanced and Out of Balance – Course 3097

Motivation through Mystical Feeling – Balanced and Out of Balance – Course 3098

The Wealth of Your Metaphysical Nature – Course 7091



If you would like to ask a question about any of the above courses, simply fill in the below information and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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