Personal Loyalty

Generous, caring, nurturing, loving souls like us have a tendency to willingly and lovingly help others.  

This is a noble and unselfish thing to do and it can be of enormous help to others.   

However, there can be a point where you are doing too much for others and not enough for yourself.

There is also a point where you are doing for others and you are unintentionally taking away their learning experience and stopping them from growing.

It is a hard fact to swallow but it is a fact.

We are brought up to believe that being selfish is wrong!  Some people have been brought up to believe that Personal Loyalty is self indulgent.

Let me ask you something – when you have been on a plane and the air hostess’s goes through the Pre-flight Safety Drill before you take off.   When they are explaining the drill, do they tell you to put the mask on everyone else around you and then if you are still alive, put the mask on yourself?  No.  The procedure is to put the mask on yourself first and then help others.


Unless you stay alive, you can not help others.

Likewise, in life, unless you stay alive, maintain your personal loyalty, put your needs first, then others, you are not in a position to be able to help others as you, your emotional and physical energy is depleted so you are not able to give fully to others.

For many, it is a tall order, asking them to put themselves first.   It is so second nature to put others first, especially if you are a parent.  

It takes time to unravel the patterns and unravelling those patterns can bring up a whole lot of other emotional triggers that are hard to deal with.

There are tools and workshops available to help you to unravel the patterns and work through those emotional triggers so you are able to be 100% you, while also being that generous, caring, nurturing, loving soul that is naturally you.

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