Family Stress


You meet someone, fall in love, get married, have children and are expected to live “Happily Ever After”.  

That is the makings of many great “Fairy Tales”. 

The reality can be very very different.

You meet the partner          

Your immediate family approves of them or disapproves of them.  They put doubt in your mind about your partner.  Every relationship has it’s ups and downs.  Your family never forgives your partner for the ups and downs.  They put doubt in your mind about your partner.

You date for a period of time                                     

Your family keeps dropping hints or continuously asking about when you are getting married or why aren’t you getting married yet?  They put doubt in your mind about your Partner.

You decide to get married                                           

Your family has expectations of the way your wedding should be and who should be invited as well as the acceptable manner for your new partner to behave in preparation for the wedding. They put doubt in your mind about your partner.

You get married                                                             

Your family attends the wedding and hopefully everyone gets on with everyone else

After marriage                                                               

Your family starts asking when you are planning on having a baby.  They put doubt in your mind.

You have a child                                                            

Your family start bickering about access to the child and how you should bring the child up.   They put doubt in your mind about parenting skills and your partners ability to raise a child.

And we haven’t even started talking about how all of this makes you feel.

Then you children start to grow and you and your partner need to become Multi Taskers

Carer                     Teacher                Event Co-ordinator          Sports Specialist               

Music and/or Dance Teacher             Taxi Driver                       Children’s Entertainer   

Bouncer at Parties                             Psychologist                    Conflict Resolution Specialist      

Social Director                                   Fashion Co-ordinator      Personal Shopper

Chef                                                   Cleaner and more

While still trying to be an individual in a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.

Really when you think about it.   It is not surprising that nerves are frayed, communication issues come up, disharmony and/or dissatisfaction occurs in relationships, grudges are being started or kept going in your relationship.

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