100% of your 50%

Giving 100% of your 50%

In everything you do, it is only worth doing if you give it a 100%.   

It is an old saying but still people are getting it confused.

This does not mean that you give 100% of you to everything and leave yourself out.

In everything we do, it requires equal exchange of energy.  That exchange can vary i.r. it can be a financial exchange, a barter exchange, an energy exchange, an exchange of favors.  

Whichever type of exchange you mutually agree on, then it has to be an equal exchange.  A 50/50 exchange.    Of the 50% exchange that you have mutually agreed on, you then give 100% to that 50% exchange.  That way you are not leaving yourself out, you are being fair to yourself and to the other person and because your exchange was fair and not physically, financially or emotionally taxing, you are happy to do similar exchanges in the future.

To give you an example – when shopping on the weekend, I ordered a sandwich that cost $12.95 and then ordered a tea which totaled $16.95.   My expectation for this financial exchange was a full sandwich and a small pot of tea.   That would have been the restaurant providing 100% of the 50/50 exchange.   When the order was delivered, the sandwich was one 1 slice of bread, 1 slice of chicken and 1 small slice of avocado and half a piece of cheese on top and a half a cup of hot water with a tea bag on the side.   Now I am not one that is big on complaining about my meal but this definitely was not worth the $16.95.  It was therefore not a fair energy exchange.   The restaurant did not put their 100% into the 50/50 deal.  I came out of the experience dissatisfied and would not go back to that restaurant.

Another way of looking at this is that in an equal  relationship between two people, each person in the relationship cares for and backs the other.     Often relationships can be put under pressure because one person is doing most of the caring and backing and the other person is leaning on them or closing off their care and support.   This can often be referred to as a subservient and dominant relationship. If this behavior is continuous in a relationship, there is a very high possibility of the relationship ending in dissatisfaction.

When each person puts in 100% of their 50% in any energy exchange be it in a relationship, with a partner, a friend, a sibling, a parent, a work colleague, a business transaction, the pressure isn’t there and everyone is content and happy.

So yes put in 100% in what you do, but make sure the exchange is a 50/50 exchange.