2 hours per week – ongoing

This space is available to women as a safe, confidential space to communicate what is going on with them in their lives in a group environment, allowing them to feel a part of a community and supported.   Working with a variety areas i.e. Communication with partners, children, extended family and friends, Family Maze, Conflict, Isolation, Depression, Putting others first, Relationship problems, Parenting concerns, Single Parenting and Help and Support.

These workshops are overseen by Pamela England to make sure that all participants have a non judgmental space to be heard.

Monday mornings at 10.00 to 12.00 noon

Watsonia Library - Bookings Essential!

4 x Weekend workshops

Bookings Essential – Maximum 10 people per group.

With the popularity of mediums, psychics and chanelling, some people have veered off course and started to believe that something or someone outside of them will give them their answers. With the New Spiritual Horizons Group work you begin to believe, feel, see and know that YOU are a Psychic, Spiritual Being and your answers lie within.

Tap into your inner guidance to reveal a whole universe of truth and practical wisdom.

By attending New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workshops you will begin to utilize tools to tap into the inner guidance within you. Perhaps you may have squashed or not trusted your inner knowings and inspirations. It’s time to re-awaken and bring out that wisdom inside.

Find answers for:  What does it mean to be loyal? Do I have crystal clear direction? Does my soul have a plan this lifetime?

To gain an even deeper understanding of the group sessions;  additional courses can be run during the course of the group work to add an even deeper dimension to the insights of the group work.