Personal Freedom Counselling encourages individuals and couples of all ages to work through their problems and to learn valuable tools to work with in their daily life.

Marriage Counselling

Are you and your partner going through a rough patch in your marriage and you are struggling to find a solution?

Rough patches in marriages are normal.  Sometimes they can be hard to work through for various reasons i.e. different types of communication, different expectations, repeating patterns without solutions.  Marriage Counselling can help you to work through the rough patches and help you to find your way through to a happier relationship.

Conflict Resolution

Do you need help resolving a conflict with your partner?

It is not uncommon in any type of relationships, marriage, parent and child, significant others can come to a point in a conflict that they just can not find a solution.   Working with a Counsellor to come to a mutually agreeable solution can be an effective solution.

Separation & Divorce

Are you having difficulty un-ravelling your relationship and finding your own feet again?

Unfortunately, some relationships come to an end.  Separating and unraveling your lives is a hard process.    Having the support of a counsellor can help you to work through your thoughts and feelings and help you to rebuild your life.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression does not discriminate between sex, social status, race or religion.   It can happen to anyone.   Working through your feelings and emotions at your own pace and with tools that a counsellor can share with you, will help you through those difficult times.


Stress also doesn't discriminate between sex, social status, race or religion.   Stress can have an effect on you emotionally and physically, with damaging effects to both.    Stress can come from many different areas, work pressure, financial pressure, family pressure, relationship pressure, pressures from society to name a few.  By talking through your feelings and working with relaxation techniques can help you through stress.

Youth Counselling

Being a teenager and moving through to Adulthood is an ever changing and challenging time.  Not only is there the stress of Years 11 and 12, sorting out what your career path is, studying from dusk to dawn to get the highest scores possible to get into the best uni course for your choice, you also have to deal with the pressures of your piers, society and the changing relationships with your family and friends.   Then you add in bullying, family disruption and a whole log of other disruptions into the mix. 

Under 25’s

Now you are in an environment that is expecting you to perform at your optimum ability and put in 110% of your time, energy and devotion to your career of choice. 

You are also at the age where you are stretching your wings and seeing how far and how fast you can fly in your Social life, sometimes to excess.   In spreading your wings, you may find that things that have happened to you in your life are having an effect that is adding to your need to take on certain excess’s i.e. excessive workload, excessive hours, excessive alcohol, excessive drugs, excessive sex.

You may find that you are having trouble with opening up to people or socializing easily, being taken for granted, being misunderstood or being mistreated by people in your life.   Not reaching the goals that you wanted to reach or finding the dream too hard to achieve.

Working with a Counsellor to sort through these feelings can help you to identify the triggers that are creating these behaviors and help you to work towards the life that you want for yourself.