You are free to be Happy, You are Free to Love Life, You are free to be you!

Personal Freedom Counselling (PFC) offers professional, empathetic and caring counselling and personal development to individuals and couples of all ages. 

Many Psychologist specialize in one particular type of therapy i.e. CBT or ACT therapy, working strongly with the theory of the therapy to help the individual.

Personal Freedom Counseling, works with the combination of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (also known as Cognitive Therapy), Mindfulness Therapy, Person Centered Therapy (PCT),  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Gestalt Therapy as well as spiritual and personal development.   We are able to access a variety of elements from each area as well as adding over 27 years of experience in working with people, to provide a deeper, more holistic approach to dealing with the personal and professional challenges that people face,  to work through their problems and to learn valuable tools to work within their daily life. 

Our aim is to offer a well rounded approach to arm people with the tools they need to face daily challenges.  This approach provides nurturing to the spirit of the individual and helps strengthen their inner security, leading to greater personal fulfillment. 

While we provide a vast range of Counselling, we have found that our most requested services are in the following areas -

  • Individual & Couples Counselling in a variety of areas including

    • Stress, Anxiety and Depression

    • Bullying

    • Grief and Loss

    • Loss of Direction and Motivation

    • Social Isolation

    • Abuse - Emotional, Physical and Sexual

    • Victim Support

    • Conflict Resolution and Anger Management

  • Separation & Divorce support

  • Counselling to the LGBTI+ Community

  • Under 25's Counselling

  • Available to all cultures and denominations

Call us now on 0410 602 021 to make an appointment to grow towards your greater Personal Freedom!


There are so many reasons people look towards Counselling to help them through the difficult times in their every day life.

Counselling is an environment that is non judgmental, safe and confidential.  This allows you a safe space to open up your heart and mind and truly express your thoughts and feelings and look at things that are causing you unease in your life.

People attending Counselling is common place.  It does not have the embarrassing stigma that it had 30 years ago.  It is a space that allows you to talk though the stress and strains of daily life no matter what your gender, age, nationality or religious beliefs are.



The art of face to face communication and socialization is slowly decreasing and individuals lack of self esteem/confidence is increasing.

Confused/unclear communication, putting other peoples needs before your own, feeling like you are always under pressure with time and money, feeling isolated and alone, are all contributing factors.

By working with a variety of courses and group work, Personal Freedom Counselling helps people to build their tool kit to feel confident, organized, directed and motivated.